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QUEEN OF DARKNESS: Fashion label from Germany - specialised in exclusive "Gothic-Chic" & alternative Dark-Fashion for Him & Her

Queen Of Darkness

Since 2004 Queen Of Darkness supplies the dark culture with exclusive "Gothic-Chic" & alternative Dark-Fashion for ladies & gentlemen. The motto of the company based in the "WGT capital" Leipzig in Saxony is

"Dress to impress yourself, feel free & enjoy our dark fashion!

Even if the brand name suggests otherwise - goth men will find something for their taste in the Queen Of Darkness range. For example you can find pants, kilts, shirts, Coats, jackets for men.

From extraordinary tops about cute dresses up to hot trousers and hotpants and extravagant skirts there is something for every darkness queen The offer is rounded of by interesting accessories like earrings, tights or kilt pockets.