Lunatic coloured contact lenses

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Lunatic coloured contact lenses

Whether carnival, Halloween or just party, with these colorful contact lenses you are always an eye-catcher.
- Up to 12 months applicable, with appropriate care
- Are suitable for light and dark eyes and have a good covering power
- Not suitable for road traffic

- 2 pieces coloured contact lenses in bottle
- 1 flat contact lens case
- 1 Operating instructions in German language

Technical data:
Type: soft contact lens
Material: Poly Hema
Radius (BC): 8.60 mm
Diameter (DIA): 14.0 mm
Strength: without dioptres
Water content: 45%.

Please note the following warnings:
- If you are not a contact lens wearer, please consult an optician or ophthalmologist. The first use of contact lenses should be monitored by a specialist (ophthalmologist or optician).
- Do not wear contact lenses for long periods of time. Wear motive lenses only a few hours a day and not daily.
- Incorrect handling of contact lenses can damage your eyes, so you should be familiar with the handling and care of contact lenses.
- We therefore recommend that you seek advice from an ophthalmologist or optician if you intend to order contact lenses. The ophthalmologist or optician will give you advice on material curvature and water content.
- As a contact lens wearer, you should have your eyes checked by a contact lens specialist regularly, but at least every six months.
- Failure to follow these precautions may result in permanent damage to your eyes and vision.



Item number: CL0046

Content 1 pair

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